hahha my fav

Why can I only like this once?

 can we all just take a moment to thank the people who made this

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Meet Sygmond The Grey, a truly majestic cat from the northern lands of Legendary Maine.

oh my GODS this is the most majestic fucking thing i have ever seen

look at it


that is epic floof.

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i wish i could tell someone everything to do with my life, but when i do, they either use it against me, judge me, or leave. I can never tell anyone anything without the fear they are going to soon leave - its happened throughout my whole life so im used to it.. But still.

Also the fact with this fucking selective eating disorder, it must be the reason im getting sicker by the day. Im trying to get better but i just seem to get sicker the harder i try..

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It appears that some celebrities don’t actually like Justin Bieber.. How sad.

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not hungry, what so ever. Not in the mood to eat, hopefully it will come back in a few days and not a few weeks like it normally does


i tried a scone today :3 

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+ cats



I don’t know why this is so funny.

yes you do

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